High Power

Up to 6000VDC rated voltage,

 up to 3500A rated current!

IC Compatibility

Input compatible with digital circuits & logic controllers.

Ultra-Long life

100x to 1000x longer lifespan than electromechanical relays!

Made in Canada

Proven design and operations.


MAXQ™ DC Solid State Contactor

(Standard Model)


"retrofit traditional electromechanical DC contactors"



   The lifespan of traditional DC electromechanical contactors operating at higher power or higher frequency is awfully short. Now there is finally a solution. MAXQ™ DC solid state contactors do not wear, do not arc, and they can last 100x-1000x longer.

MAXQ™ Standard Model:

  • Maximum semiconductor performance

  • Supports switching frequencies up to 20 Hz
    (for faster switching up to 10 KHz, see fast model here)

  • No minimum operating voltage

  • 3.3-11V or 12-32V control

  • Rated Currents: 200A to 3500A

  • Rated Voltages: 100VDC to 6000VDC

  • Normally open

  • MTBF 3million hours, or 50-200million operations

  • Made in Canada


*Please read "3 Important Considerations" before selecting a MAXQ DC solid state contactor for your applications! 


  • High current DC welding, dynamic load testing, starter contactor, DC heating elements, battery charge/discharge switches and more.


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