DC Forward and Reverse

Solid State Relays (FR-Series)

"H-bridge, configured for DC reversing applications"


Sample Applications:

  • DC motor forward and reversing

  • Electromagnetic coil reversing

  • Peltier or thermpelectric elements

  • SPST DC switch for inductive loads (H-bridge makes it immune to flyback spikes)


  • MOSFET Output

  • TVS Overvoltage Protection 

  • Built-in switching lock and delay protocol ensures smooth reversing operations

  • Improved thermal performance with DBC substrate


  • 3-32VDC or 4-32VDC control input

  • Rated up to 250A @ up to 550VDC

  • 2500Vrms isolation voltage

  • Forward and Reverse Dual LED Indicator

Selection guideline for typical DC motor loads

Choose rated voltage 3x the operating voltage for brushless motor, 2x for brushed motor.

Choose rated current 5x the operating current; 10-15x if stalling may be an issue.


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