DC Forward and Reverse

Solid State Relays (FR-Series)

"H-bridge, configured for DC reversing applications"


Sample Applications:

  • DC motor forward and reversing

  • Electromagnetic coil reversing

  • Peltier or thermoelectric elements

  • SPST DC switch for inductive loads (H-bridge suppresses back emf)


  • MOSFET Output

  • TVS Overvoltage Protection 

  • Built-in switching lock and delay protocol ensures smooth reversing operations

  • Improved thermal performance with DBC substrate


  • 3-32VDC or 4-32VDC control input

  • Rated up to 200A, 900VDC

  • 2500Vrms isolation voltage

  • Forward and Reverse Dual LED Indicator

Selection guideline for typical DC motor loads

  • Choose rated voltage 3x the operating voltage for brushless motor, 2x for brushed motor.

  • Choose rated current 25% higher than the peak/stall current for motors.


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