Transducer Simulator (iTS-350)

"Top Precision and Thermal Stability."


Accurate signal reference for simulating the output of weighing transducers, tension transducers, force transducers, melt pressure transducers, or other mV/V load cells.

Advanced Technology

Traditional resistive bridge with latest integrated technology

Ultra-High Accuracy

Up to 0.10%FSO precision

Ultra-High Stability

<0.001%FS/°C, virtually immune to temperature drifts

Ultra Portable

Handheld, weighs <0.5 lb

     iTS-350 Transducer Simulator, is used to simulate mV/V load cell output with extreme precision and stability. It integrates traditional resistive bridge with the latest IC technology. iTS-350 transducer simulator is virtually immune to temperature drift errors. Thus, its output remains consistent throughout its operating temperature; temperature drift may otherwise deviate traditional load cell simulator output by  more than 0.5%FSO/10°C.

    iTS-350 features a simplified design and operation. Users only need to select 1 of 12 calibration positions. Accuracy, reliability, and stability are always ensured. iTS-350 is also available with optional third party lab certification. You may customize and order it online  here.



Features & Benefits

  • <0.001%FSO/°C error, virtually no temperature drift

  • Up to 0.10%FSO precision

  • Customizable sensitivity (1.5mV/V, 2.0mV/V, 2.5mV/V, 3.0mV/V, 3.33mV/V, 5.0mV/V)

  • Customizable bridge resistance (120Ω, 240Ω, 350Ω, 500Ω, 700Ω, 1000Ω, and more)

  • 12 fixed calibration steps (0 to 100%)

  • Flame resistant enclosure

  • Optional traceable calibration certificate

  • Made in Canada


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