Ultra-High Power

Rated Up to 3000VDC and 3300A!

Ultra-Fast Switching

Switch up to 10kHz!

Ultra-Long life

Lasts 100x to 1000x longer than mechanical contactors!

IC Compatibility

3-32VDC input, compatible with digital circuits & controllers.


MAXQ™ High Current DC Output

Solid State Relay (Advanced)


"The fastest and most powerful DC solid state relay yet!"



    Mechanical DC contactors have a limited performance and lifespan. Now there is finally a solution. MAXQ™ high current DC output solid state relay do not wear, do not arc, can switch 100x faster and last more than 100x longer.

MAXQ™ Advanced Model:

  • Designed for heavy duty DC switching

  • On/off within μs

  • No minimum operating voltage

  • 3-32VDC control

  • Switch up to 3000V, 3300A, 10KHz

  • Normally open or normally closed

  • Optional auxiliary contact

  • MTBF 3million hours, or 50 to 300million operations

  • Made in Canada


*Advanced Model requires 12-24VDC power supply. For Standard Model (for <20Hz) without this requirement, click here.

*Please read "3 Important Considerations" before selecting a MAXQ DC solid state relay for your applications! 



  • high current battery/capacitor/UPS applications, dynamic load testing, DC heating elements, DC motor control, DC coil control, welding applications, mechanical contactor retrofit and more.


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