M-1™ Solid State Contactors

Now Available for Pre-Order

Following the success of the high power MAXQ™ solid state contactors, we have developed the M-1™ series aimed at switching medium power applications with the smallest possible form factor.

We are currently finalizing its production. Contact us if you would like to learn more about its specification, or order a sample for any of the following specifications:

Voltage  Continuous Current ON Resistance or Voltage Drop Technology
100 V 200 A 2.5 mΩ Low loss mosfet
100 V 400 A 1.3  Low loss mosfet
150 V 200 A 4.2  Low loss mosfet
150 V 400 A 2.2  Low loss mosfet
600 V 200 A 1.5V @150A Standard IGBT
1000  V 150 A 1.75V @100A Standard IGBT
1500 V 80 A 2V @50A Standard IGBT
1500 V 150 A 2.25V @100A Standard IGBT