M1™ DC Solid State Contactors (Standard 10Hz)

Now Available

M1™ Series DC Output Solid State Contactors or relays are designed to switching medium to high power DC applications while keeping a small panel mount form factor. When compared to traditional mechanical DC contactors or power relays, M1™ Series offers the following main advantages:


  • No moving parts, arc-free and noise-free
  • Practical lifespan increase of up to 500x
  • Ability to hot switch at much higher voltages
  • Compatibility with programmable controllers


M1™ -Series "standard model" currently support a PWM of 10Hz, which is sufficient for most applications that can utilize mechanical DC contactors. For higher PWM requirements, please ask us about the M1™ -Series "fast model" due to release later this year.


Rated Voltage Rated Current Technology Datasheet
1 - 150 VDC 200 ADC MOSFET PDF
1 - 600 VDC 120 ADC IGBT PDF
1 - 1000 VDC 150 ADC IGBT PDF
 1 - 150 VDC 400 ADC MOSFET (Contact Us)


More options coming soon...

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