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NEW High Power DC-DC Solid State Relay (HPD- Series)

Power with high quality IGBT chips, designed with advanced control circuits, we have managed to push the performance and capacity of traditional DC-DC solid state relays.

NEW HPD-Series solid state relays feature 3-32 VDC input, with current rated 400A, 600A, 800A, 900A, 1000A and 1200A @ up to 1700VDC. It is designed to work with industry's most heavy duty applications.

HPD-Series relays offer one-of-a-kind reliability by incorporating various safety features to prevent control input-induced failures such as signal oscillation, induced noise, inductance, and half-on conditions.

HPD relay modules are also CSA/UL certified. Consult us today for your high current solid state relay needs.

Product Page: here

Datasheet: here

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