New generation Integrated Transducer Simulator (iTS) combines the precision of latest integrated components with the reliability of traditional resistance bridges to accurately simulate mV/V transducers/load cells across resistance bridges. At <0.001%FSO/°C, iTS- is virtually unaffected by environment temperature drift, which may otherwise deviate traditional simulators’ signal output by more than 0.5%FSO/10°C. iTS- features a simplified design and operation. Users only need to select 1 of 12 calibration positions during operation. Accuracy, reliability, and stability are always ensured.


Sensitivity Options: 1.5mV/V, 2.0mV/V, 2.5mV/V, 3.0mV/V, 3.33mV/V, 5.0mV/V (other, contact us)

Bridge Resistance Options: 120ohm, 240ohm, 350ohm, 500ohm, 700ohm, 1000ohm (other, contact us)

Accuracy Options: 0.25%FSO, 0.15%FSO, 0.10%FSO, (for 0.05%FSO, contact us)

Integrated Transducer Simulator (iTS-)

Simulated Load Cell Sensitivity (mV/V)
Simulator Connector Style
Connector & Cable Assembly
Accuracy Requirement
    • For calibration, fault diagnostic, backup, loss prevention and other applications
    • Performance virtually unaffected by environment temperature drift
    • Ultra high precision with military-grade components
    • Ultraportable, lightweight, plug and play design
    • 3.3 - 18 VDC excitation voltage
    • Customizable load cell sensitivities and bridge resistance
    • 12 linear calibration steps (0, 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%) with uninterrupted load cell signals 
    • 4Pin, 6Pin bendix, 8-Pin bendix, or binding post connection
    • 24 months warranty
    • Made in Canada

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