1/2-20UNF -2B or M18x1.5 machining kit made from premium grade high strength steel ensures a perfect fit is available to install your melt pressure sensors. Machining may be necessary because a poorly machined holes can result in damages to melt pressure sensors, which could cause unreliable output and even failure of melt pressure sensors.

Transducer Mount Hole Machining Kit

Mounting Thread Fit
  •      A properly machined mounting hole is vital to the optimal operation of a melt pressure sensor. Poorly machined holes can result in damage that causes unreliable output or even failure of melt pressure sensors.

         The machine tool kit contains the necessary drill bits and taps needed to machine standard transducer mounting holes, including a special pilot drill required to machine the 45 degree seat. All tools included in this kit are made of premium grade, high strength tool steel.

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