Mach-1™ DC SSC (Advanced Model, up to 10 kHz)

Mach-1™ DC SSC (Advanced Model, up to 10 kHz)

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We designed the Mach-1™ Series DC output solid state contactors to reliably switch high current DC loads rated up to 400 Amps, and 1000 VDC currently.

Compared to conventional DC contactors, mercury relays, or power relays, solid state contactors can hot switch at much higher DC power, while improving lifespan by as much as 500x.

The Mach-1™ Series standard model can be controlled just as mechanical DC contactors, and is suitable for applications operating at a frequency up to 10kHz.


Features and Benefits
  • No moving parts, arc-free and noise-free
  • DC controlled, PLC compatible
  • For high-side, or low-side
  • High switching reliability
  • MTBF 3 million hours
  • Made in Canada, semiconductors supplied from USA


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