3 Important Considerations Before Selecting MAXQ™ High Current DC/DC Solid State Relay (Advanced Model)

August 13, 2018

  The end result of choosing our latest high power solid state relays over electromechanical relays is a switch that is noise-free, arc-free, capable of operating 10-100x faster, and last 100-1000x longer. However there are 3 important factors to consider if your application is ideal for MAXQ™ SSR, Advanced Model:


#1) Availability of a 12VDC or 12-24VDC, 50mA Power Supply


​​(Method #1) in additional to the control signal voltage, a 12VDC or 12-24VDC power supply is needed to power the relay's supervisory circuit. You may obtain this power by using any stand-alone power supply. Or if suitable, obtain this power directly from your voltage source.








#2) Cooling Design

      Solid state relays are subject to a conduction loss which at high current amounts to significant heat that will need to be dissipated. Thus, you must take into account cooling design. If suitable, consider using MAXQ MOSFET models with minimal conduction losses. 



#3) Current and Voltage Rating

     Selecting the correct ratings is a crucial aspect in determining a solid state relay's reliability. SSR’s current rating corresponds to the maximum current that should pass through the relay before possible damages occur to SSR’s internal components. Most common SSR failures are the result of insufficient margins against inrush current, transient overvoltage and back EMF voltage spike.


For selecting the current rating:

For all MAXQ™ SSRs:

<In General:> ensure rated current is at least 50% of the peak inrush current value.

<In General:> 1.25x the operating current


For selecting the voltage rating:

For all MAXQ™ SSRs:

<In General:> 1.25x to 2x the operating voltage

<Brushed DC Motors, general inductive loads:> 3-5x the operating voltage
<Brushless DC Motors:> 6-8x the operating voltage

<Motors Subject to Frequent Stall:> 10x the operating voltage

<Electromagnets:> 6x the operating voltage

For more information, please refer to the part# specific datasheets or contact us directly at 1-844-741-2580 info@nominalcontrols.com

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