True-Melt™  Melt Pressure Sensors


with advanced temperature compensation at the point of measurement to eliminate thermal zero drift errors

Up to 5X accuracy improvement in low pressure ranges! 

Thermal Zero Shift and its Impact on Melt Pressure Measurement

       Thermal Zero Shift (Drift) is a significant source of pressure measurement error caused by temperature-induced changes to sensor's zero and span output. The magnitude of thermal zero drift error differs from sensor to sensor, however, they can all be attributed to the following  factors:


  • Thermal expansion of sensor's physical parts

  • Thermal expansion of pressure medium, and contaminants (eg. air or water molecules) in the filling fluid enclosure

  • Partial pressure medium phase change at high temperatures


   Thermal zero shift most critically impedes melt measurement applications involving low melt pressure ranges under high temperature (eg: measuring below 0-1,000 psi at >300°C). The resulting zero offset can result in >25% FSO error. Under such circumstance, accurate pressure measurement was unfeasible. However, with the introduction of True-Melt™ sensors, this problem may be solved.


About True-Melt™ Pressure Sensors


"TrueMelt™" Melt Pressure Sensors are our flagship products. Available in 3.33mV/V, 10mV/V, 4-20mA, or 0-10VDC output. "TrueMelt" XPT3-series, limits the magnitude of thermal zero drift to less than 9psi/100°C compared with 45 to 65 psi/100°C with even top brand melt pressure sensors. This amounts to an accuracy improvement of over 500% at low melt pressure ranges; making XPT3 the sensor capable of the most accurate melt pressure measurement to date.

Click here to calculate the accuracy difference "TrueMelt" makes for your application.

Pressure Sensor Error Due to Thermal Zero Shift
Pressure Sensor Error Due to Thermal Zero Shift


  • Melt Pressure Mercury Transducer, Transmitter

    (Standard, Mercury-Filling)

    For accurate general melt pressure applications.

  • Melt-Pressure-Transducer-Oil-Collage-S.j

    (FDA Compliant, Oil-Filling)

    For food, medical, and other mercury-free applications.

  • Melt-Pressure-Transducer-Nak-Collage-S.j

    (NaK/Metal Alloy Filling)

    For other scientific molten, energy, and engineering applications.


  • Digital Melt Pressure Gauge 12vdc-S.png

    True-Melt™ Pressure  Gauge, Standard

    Standard 4.5 digits pressure display, 6-30 VDC powered.

  • truemelt-digital-pressure-gauge-2wire-th

    True-Melt™ Pressure Gauge, with 4-20mA re-transmission

    4 digits pressure display, loop-powered with 2-wire connection.

  • truemelt-digital-dual-pressure-gauge-thu

    True-Melt™ Pressure & Temperature Gauge

    Dual display for monitoring both parameters with ease.

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