Digital Melt Pressure Gauge with Dual Temperature & Pressure Display (TrueMelt™ )

Main Features

  • Replaces traditional mechanical analog gauges

  • Less than 5 psi/100°F thermal zero shift with breakthrough compensation technology

  • 4.5 digits pressure display with 3 digits temperature display

  • User defined presure unit: psi, bar, mpa, or kgfcm 

  • Selectable temperature unitL C of F

  • Accurate and versatile pressure ranges: 300 psi to 15,000 psi

  • Wide DC-power supply range: +6VDC to +30VDC

  • Available 1/2-20” UNF, 1/4"NPT, M18 or other configurations

  • Optional TCJ temperature output

  • 2 years warranty

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About True-Melt™ Pressure Transducers

     True-Melt Pressure Transducer is our flagship product, the solution to the thermal zero shift (TZS) problem described below. True-Melt transducer incorporates advanced thermal compensation technology capable of completely eliminating thermal zero shift. True-Melt XPT3 -series, limits the magnitude of TZS to less than 5psi/100°C, compared with 36-62 psi/100°C of the current top brand melt pressure sensors. A comparison of their relative performances are illustrated below:

     The breakthrough in temperature compensation, makes XPT3 -series one of the most accurate melt pressure transducer to date, especially for very low melt pressure ranges. As illustrated in the upper right diagram, it was otherwise unfeasible to accurately measure these low ranges at high temperatures (eg. measuring 0-1000 psi, 0-500 psi or 0-300 psi at 400°C); false sensor pressure output could be 26.5% or more. With the introduction of True-Melt™ Pressure Transducers, there is finally a reliable solution to accurately measure the low melt pressure range without the nuisance of thermal zero shift.

Thermal Zero Shift and its impact on melt pressure measurement

      Thermal Zero Shift (TZS) is a significant pressure measurement error. It is caused by processing temperature changes which leads to the deviation of zero and span output. TZS is an unpredictable error that differs from sensor to sensor, but its false pressure output can all be attributed to the following  factors:

  • Thermal expansion of sensor's physical parts

  • Thermal expansion of air molecule that remains with pressure medium in the fluid enclosure

  • Partial pressure medium phase change at high temperature generates new internal pressure

     Thermal Zero Shift had always been a major nuisance in melt pressure applications. It even impedes many low melt pressure applications; for melt pressure ranges (<1,000psi), TZS would cause greater than 5% of FSO error. Under such circumstance, accurate pressure measurement was practically impossible... until the introduction of TrueMelt™ Transducers.

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