Digital Melt Pressure Gauge

4-20mA with Re-transmission

(with TrueMelt™  Temperature Compensation)

Main Features & Benefits

  • Best accuracy for low melt pressure measurement ranges (<1,000psi)

  • 0-500 psi to 0-15,000 psi ranges with Hg/oil/NaK fillings for a variety of applications (eg. polymer, food, medical, solar and nuclear)

  • Class3 thermal compensation offers less than 5psi/100°F zero shift

  • 2-wire loop powered

  • Available 1/2-20” UNF, 1/4"NPT, M18 or other configurations

  • Optional TCJ temperature output

  • 2 years warranty

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About True-Melt™ Digital Pressure Gauge     

          True-Melt gauges are latest members of our high-accuracy sensors. They are designed to very accurately measure even the lowest melt pressure ranges where other pressure gauges are simply not capable. True-Melt gauges incorporate advanced thermal compensation technology which eliminates pressure sensor error due to thermal zero shift(TZS). True-Melt XDG3- series, limits the magnitude of zero drift to less than 9psi/100°C, compared with 45 to 65 psi/100°C of the current top brand melt pressure sensors. This result is an accuracy improvement of over 500% at low melt pressure ranges illustrated below:

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