Melt Pressure Transmitter (Oil)

-"Oil-filled melt pressure transducers no longer have to compromise accuracy due to thermal instability"


  • FDA and USDA compliant mineral oil filling

  • Top choice for polymer applications involving high processing temperatures, or low melt pressure ranges

  • Traditional strain gauge design, crosses with most other brands

  • No external user operation required for temperature-pressure compensation

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Main Features and Benefits:

  • 4-20mA or 0-10VDC output, versatile excitation (up to 24 VDC)

  • <15psi/100°C pressure output zero drift vs. 80psi/100°C industry average

  • 0-500 psi to 0-15,000 psi for food, medical and other mercury-free applications

  • Optional 1/2-20” UNF, 1/4"NPT, M18 and TCJ output configurations

  • Up to 275°C rated temperature

  • Made in Canada

Quick Comparison of Transmitters(Oil) You Might Be Using or Considering:

About TrueMelt™ Transmitter

"TrueMelt" Melt Pressure Transmitter (XPTOMA-) is our flagship sensor featuring mercury-free filling with 4-20mA or 0-10VDC output. While XPTOMA- is based on the traditional bonded strain gauge design, it incorporates advanced passive thermal compensation technology. This results in a highly accurate melt pressure transmitter  that eliminates virtually all  thermal zero shift errors without any troublesome auto/manual zero protocols.

Thermal zero drift impedes pressure measurement accuracy by inducing between 5% to 25%FSO zero/span deviations during measurement. XPTOMA- limits thermal zero shift to less than 15psi/100°C as compared with 45-65psi/100°C of the current top brand melt pressure transmitter. This implies:

  • up to 80% reduction of pressure-reading drift error due to processing temperature change; dramatic accuracy improvement at low melt pressure ranges

  • new feasibility of accurately measuring extreme temperature-pressures (eg. 0-500psi @ >300°C)

  • a big leap for quality control with mercury-alternative sensors

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