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<Status:>Active <Product:>True-Melt Pressure Transmitter (with Class1 thermal zero shift compensation) <Part#:>XCT6MA-350B (ONEhalf20 Inc.) <Pressure Range:>0-5,000psi <Output Type:>4-20mA <Linearity/Accuracy:>0.005 <Repeatability:>0.1% <Hysteresis:>0.1% <Thermal Zero Shift:>+/-6psi/100F, +/-10psi/100C, <Dead Weight Test (benchmark/output):>0/0, 1000/980, 2000/1978, 3000/2971, 4000/4043, 5000/4982 <Date of Calibration:>2018-Jan-10 <Warranty Ending:>2020-Jan-31 <Notes:>Built with 10,000psi rated diaphram for improved durability

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