About Us


Driven by an obligation to solve the toughest problems, Mike Zhang, a former engineer of General Electric, established a private research lab in 2008. Years later, as the direct result of his breakthroughs, Nominal Controls Inc. was founded.

Our mission has always been to develop unique, effective, and efficient solutions that benefit entire industries; especially in aerospace/space.

We look forward to sharing with you exciting new technologies that we have researched and developed.


Meet Our Team

Mike Zhang - Lead Engineer

Mike Zhang - Director & Lead Engineer

Mike, a former engineer at General Electric, has had a diverse engineering experience. During his earlier career, he also served as a hardware developed at Toyota Group, as well as Chief PLC Designer at Schneider Electric. 

For the past two decades, Mike's research mainly focuses on advanced power controls, and precision pressure measurement here in North America.

Paul Bridger - Technology Director

Paul, a former semiconductor engineer at International Rectifier, specialized in the design and manufacturing of GaN MOSFETS. He is a holder of over 30 patents relating to semiconductor designs and manufacturing.

Paul obtained his BSc and MSc from the University of Waterloo, before earning his PhD at the California Institute of Technology.

At Nominal Controls, Paul is engaged in the research and utilization of new semiconductor technologies.

Peter Zhang - Product Manager

Peter Zhang - Assistant Manager / Product Specialist

Peter first started working with electrical controls at an age of 18 as a quality control intern. He has been actively involved in the industry ever since. 

In the past 12 years, Peter has assisted many renowned clients in the automation, aerospace, and defense sector. Ensuring quality products, and customer satisfaction has always been Peter’s passion. 

Matthew Bridger - Mechatronics

Matthew is currently studying Mechatronics Engineering at University of Waterloo. Matt became a pilot at an age of 19, he has a strong passion for for aviation and aerospace engineering.

At Nominal Controls, he assists in hardware designs, manufacturing and the R&D of new systems.  

Other Members:

Chantelle Khan - Client Liaison

Jimm Chang - Contractor (Mechanical)