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MAXQ DC Solid State Contactors

Explore the next generation of DC solid state contactors, rated up to 6000V, 3600A, 10kHz

Other Technologies

M-1™ DC Solid State Contactor

M-1™ DC SSC has the same formfactor as existing solid state modules on the market, but with up to 3x the switching power; enabling DC switching of up to 1500V, 400A and 100kHz.


True-Melt™ Pressure Transducer

TrueMelt XPT3-series limits the magnitude of thermal zero drift to less than 5psi/100°C, an accuracy improvement of >500% at low melt pressure ranges (eg. 0-250psi@550°C).


Integrated Transducer Simulator

Rated <0.0001%FS/°C thermal drift, enabling extremely accurate calibrations right at the high-ambient operating sites where other load cell simulator could not.


Innovations for State of the Art Systems