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Sample applications: DC motor starter, DUTs, mechanical contactor retrofit, PWM power controls.

Electric Vehicles

Sample applications: dynamic braking, battery, main contactors, DC motor starter & reverser.

Renewable Energy

Sample applications: dump load resistor, PV arrays, BMS, battery charge/discharge/cutoff.

Other/Special Use

Other scientific or defense applications.

Featured Products

Max-Q™ DC Solid State Contactors

Max-Q™ solid-state DC contactor switches DC loads up to 1 megawatt; with industry's most capable semiconductors.


Mach-1™ DC Solid State Contactors

Mach-1™ Solid-state Contactor switches DC loads rated up to 2kV and 500A. Various configurations are available.


DRV- Series Solid State DC Reverser

DC Solid-State Starters and Reversers are used to retrofit electromechanical DPDT contactors.