Mach-1™ Bi-directional SSC

Mach-1™ Bi-directional SSC

Mach-1™ Bi-directional Solid State Contactor is not polarity sensitive. They can be used for both AC and DC applications up to 1500V, and 300A. Sample applications include Timer Interrupt Cathodic Protection Systems, ACGV, DCGV and other corrosion prevention applications.

Features and Selection Guide
  • Bi-directional solid state switching
  • No moving parts, arc-free and noise-free
  • PLC/TTL/CMOS Input Options
  • MTBF 3 million hours
  • Made in Canada, semiconductors supplied from USA
Specifications & Downloads

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Rated Voltage Rated Continuous Current Surge/Inrush Current Typical ON Resistance
M1B01-200A 100 VDC or 70 VAC
200 A 300 A (200ms) 3 mOhm

100 VDC or 70 VAC

300 A 750 A
1.7 mOhm High surge current option
M1B01A-200A 150 VDC or 100 VAC 200 A 300 A (200ms) 5 mOhm
M1B02-200A 200 VDC or 140 VAC 150 A 200 A (200ms)
8.5 mOhm
M1B10-60A 1,000 VDC or 690 VAC
60 A
N/A 40 mOhm
M1B15-60A 1,500 VDC or 1000 VAC 60 A N/A 40 mOhm
Sample Applications
  • Timer Interrupt Cathodic Protection System
  • DCGV or ACGV Corrosion Detection Relay
  • High Frequency AC Load Switching

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