0-10 Bar (750°F) Melt Pressure Transducer - Our Lowest Range Ever

A True-Melt™ pressure transducer was customized to measure 0-10Bar (0-145psi), the lowest melt pressure range we had ever attempted. The application was for precision mold casting at 750°F.

The major challenge with this application was to eliminate the impact of thermal-zero-shift on measurement accuracy. The transducer diaphragm, rated 0-35Bar, originally drifted approximately ±13Bar (190psi) at 750°F. This zero drift error would have exceeded the sensor's full scale output since its signal output was scaled down to only 0-10Bar.

Despite this challenge, by combining our leading pressure thermal compensation technology and repeated thermal calibrations, we managed to fully eliminate thermal zero drift errors at the operating temperature of 750°F.

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