Mini DC Reversing Solid-State Relay (up to 60A)

Mini DC Reversing Solid-State Relay (up to 60A)

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          DRV- Series DC Reversingsolid-state relays offer a retrofit solution for conventional electromechanical reversers. With a solid-state H-bridge construction, the internal structure provides a natural discharge path for back-EMF generated at the motor’s turn-OFF. This results in a switch that is maintenance-free, arc-free, and noise-free.

         The Miniature solid-state reversers are our latest ultra-compact model designed to provide cost effective and reliable switching for a variety of applications.

Sample Applications

  • Reversing of DC motors & actuators
  • Solar Trackers
  • Electrolysis of chemicals or Cathode/anode 
  • Peltier element temperature control
Features & Benefits


  • Maintenance-free, Arc-free, Noise-free
  • Ultra-compact
  • Mechanically Assembled
  • Economically Priced


  • Available Ratings Up to 200VDC and 60A
  • 12-24VDC ~10mA control input
  • 400Vrms Isolation, suitable for battery based systems
  • Built-in 200ms Interlock Protection
  • Made in Canada
      Selection Guidelines:

      You may submit a technical survey via, and a member of our team will get back to you with a recommendation.

      The following guidelines are generally suitable for DC motors <2HP when using DRV-Series miniature solid-state motor reversers.

      • Choose SSR with "rated voltage" at least 2xhigher the operating voltage.
      • If the DC motor does not require plugging, choose SSR with "rated current"moderately higherthan the motor's inrush current.
      • If the DC motor requires plugging, choose SSR with "rated peak current" moderately higherthan the motor's plugging current.
      • When in doubt, a good rule of thumb is to choose a SSR with "rated current" 5-8x higher than the motor's nominal operating current.
      • Size a heatsink based on highest current that will sustains over 1 second. Typically, this is the stall current.
      • Always consider adding a snubber across load terminals. This will help to suppress transients.


      Load: Thompson Actuator Part#:HD12B026-0450ELX1EESD
      [Operating Voltage]: 12 VDC
      [Rated Max Current (nameplate)]: 18A
      [Application-Specific Details]: 5A (nominal current), 15A/100ms (inrush current), 18A (rated max/stall current), plugging is not required.

      *if inrush current is not known, assume 7x the nominal current draw. Rated peak current of the SSR must be greater or equal to this value.

      Choose DRV-Series DC Reversing Contactor:
      with [rated voltage]: ≥30 VDC
      with [rated current]: ≥2x 10A
      with [rated peak current]: ≥18A


      Datasheet and Downloads
       Rated Voltage Rated Load Current Part # Data Sheet
      40 VDC
      60A (150A peak) DRVS004-60A3
      100 VDC 60A (150A peak) DRVS01-60A3
      200 VDC
      40A (125A peak)

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