A Collaboration to Provide Stable Power in Thika, Kenya

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We are excited to officially announce our newest collaboration with Timar Technologies Ltd., a power systems company in the small industrial town of Thika, Kenya. The goal of this collaboration is to help provide stable and reliable power to the local communities surrounding Thika, using Nominal Controls' latest innovations.

Over the past couple years, Nominal Controls has been hard at work developing the most innovative and cost effective solutions for DC power switching, and we recently released our newest model, the M1™ DC Solid State Contactor. The M1™ is designed to retrofit mechanical contactors, providing the user with up to 500x the increased lifespan.

The design of the M1™ is perfectly suited for everyday solar and wind power systems, making it an ideal companion for the work being done by Timar Technologies Ltd. in Kenya. Through this collaboration, Nominal Controls has committed to providing 24 M1™ contactors for projects related to community development, critical infrastructure and education facilities.

The first project to benefit from this collaboration is already underway. Two M1™ contactors have been sent to aid with solar power distribution. Currently, the community is using a solar powered system to generate energy for their borehole bumps, which help to provide them with drinking water. These pumps, however, are not in constant use and the energy that could be used for other applications is being wasted. With the addition of Nominal Controls' M1™ solid state contactors, the solar power system will be able to switch to providing energy in homes and to storage batteries when it is not being used for the borehole pump. Power is something that is very precious to this community and we want to make sure that we are able to help them access its full potential.

We, at Nominal Controls, believe that it is important for us to assist in Canada's initiative to support developing communities, and this collaboration is one way that we can do that.

For more details on our collaboration check out this article written by the Accelerator Centre.