Best Wishes for This Holiday Season!

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We wish everyone a joyous holiday season!

2022 has been a relatively challenging year as the industry worked through semiconductor shortages, supply chain adjustments, and rising costs due to inflation. We expect these challenges to be overcome throughout next year.

To all our existing customers, thank you for your trust and confidence in our products. We seek to continue delivering the best quality products with the latest technological advancements.

To our prospective customers with system developments still underway. We look forward to working with you throughout prototyping and production next year.

This year's Honorable Mentions:

  • Fermilab & Airbus SAS (most challenging)
  • Tesla Gigafactory (most varieties)
  • Clearflame Engine Technologies (most royal)
  • Soncni Sistemi (most deliveries)

Stay tuned for 2023 as we have major announcements coming!