Our 7th Anniversary, a Milestone Worth Celebrating!

         In 2016, what started as an engineer's passion for tackling industrial controls problems, became a mission to develop unique, effective, and efficient solutions that benefit entire industries, including the aerospace and space sectors.

          Fast forward to today, we're thrilled to celebrate our 7th year of delivering cutting-edge solutions to our customers. But that's not all - this year, we're taking innovation to the next level with the release of our new DC solid-state contactor(SSC) models, and features. Our team has been hard at work integrating new technologies and developing solutions that meet the needs of our customers. This year, we're proud to introduce:

  • DC SSC with auxiliary contacts: Enabling active feedback of the switches' open and closing status.

  • DC SSC designed to fail-open: Ensuring safety and peace of mind, this addresses the concerns of DC contactors, solid-state or electromechanical, latching closed/shorted in the event of faults.

  • Low loss High Voltage DC Contactors (1kV+, 3mΩ@1kA): Delivery high performance with minimal power loss, new silicon carbide semiconductor technology offers unmatched high voltage performance and efficiency.

 Stay tuned and get ready for the new era of solid-state controls!