Earth Day Announcement - An Update to Our Pressure Transducer Offerings

Earth Day Transducer Announcement
Happy Earth Day!

As the world continues to recognize the value of clean technology, Nominal Controls Inc. is committed to doing our part in creating a healthier and safer environment for all to enjoy. As such, we are phasing out our mercury-filled pressure transducers and replacing them with the liquid-metal alternative filling. This change is necessary as the “Minamata Convention Act” and new “California Health and Safety” code would ultimately impact the supply chain.

Our new alternative filling transducers will offer the equivalent technical performance in terms of accuracy, linearity and temperature drift. In addition, the mercury-free filling has no influence on reliability, allowing us to continue providing you with products of the highest quality. Currently, these mercury-free sensors are offered at the exact same price level and we are only expecting a marginal price increase at the end of the year.

In the coming weeks, in order to avoid customer service disruptions, certain models and quantities of transducers will still be made available if we are not able to offer an immediate mercury-free equivalent.

We look forward to working with you to make our world a greener place!