Lead Engineer Mike Wins CPIA 2018 Innovator Award

Our lead engineer, Mike Zhang, a senior professional engineer with 34 years of experience, had previously been the chief electronics engineer at Toyota Group(Japan) and Schneider Electric (China). Over the last 14 years, he served as the engineering manager in the the electrical parts supplier industry.

Through dedicated research and development over the course of his career, Mike invented a dozen measurement and control devices in Nominal Controls Inc. directly aimed at improving the industries' efficiency and effectiveness. Most notably, he pioneered the True-Melt™ pressure transducers with virtually no temperature drift errors. This development solved a major problem in high-temperature pressure measurement. It not only advanced the frontier of measurement accuracy, but also enabled new capabilities in high-precision applications such as polymer research, aerospace, and plastics manufacturing.

Mike’s innovation efforts are ongoing here at Nominal Controls Inc. Currently he is co-developing an automated extruder portioning and filing system.