Mach-1® Series Solid-state Contactor Receives Patent & Trademark


     We are pleased to announce that our Mach-1® Series of DC solid-state contactors recently received both patent and trademark certificates.

The design of the Mach-1® DC Contactor was first conceptualized in 2019. Its goal was to achieve the following: 


  • much higher power density
  • much higher robustness & reliability by way of construction 
  • superior versatility & compatibility with the latest semiconductor technology


     Mach-1® trademark was registered under Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada. Its patent has been registered both domestically and internationally as of October 2022. 


     Please click here to view the listed selection of Mach-1 Series of DC solid-state contactors for uni-directional or b-directional switching up to 2.5kV, 500A and 10kHz.