MAXQ™ Solid State Contactor Updates V.5


Latest update V.5-2020

  • All current ratings now reflect the unit's ability to conduct current at 100°C case temperature
  • Enhanced component-level thermal performance
  • Control connectors now support 12-26AWG wires
  • New adapter and pairing busbar accessories for QSDM/QADM models

A Summary of Notable Updates to Date

  • Original prototype developed for Gigafactory 1

  • Added power & input dual LED indication
  • Supports higher switching speed up to 10KHz
  • Enhanced switching reliability and performance
  • New low-loss QADM/QSDM models for high current low voltage applications

  • Advanced models now support 12-24VDC power supply
  • New standard models for low frequency switching
  • QADM/QSDM models now with internal TVS diodes for forward overvoltage protection.

  • Enhanced switching reliability with new circuit supervision and protocols
  • New models for switches up to 3000V, 3300A
  • New self short circuit detection for QAD models rated over 1000 Amps
  • 3D printed enclosures are now standard