Meet Our Client Liaison

Rebekah Stairs - Client Liaison

Over the past few years, Nominal Controls has been dedicated to increasing its operating capabilities and expanding the company's reach to new markets. Along with this expansion came the need to add a client liaison position in order to prioritize our customers and make them feel like a valued part of our company.

Rebekah joined our team at the end of September, and has since been working to build a connection with our clients. She believes that when working with manufacturers it's important for companies to feel that someone is on their side. There needs to be a bridge where everyone's needs are understood and met, resulting in a win/win for both companies.

Moving into the future, Rebekah is excited at the growth opportunities that the company has been taking advantage of, such as, mentorship with Communitech and the Accelerator Centre here in Waterloo, ON. She also looks forward to working with students as the company begins to develop a CO-OP program with neighboring universities.

"The future for Nominal Controls looks very bright. We know that we have products that companies want and we are excited to make Nominal Controls a well known name in the industry, not just because of the innovative approach to our designs but also because of the excellent quality of our service." - Rebekah