Miniature DC Solid-State Reverser Relay Upgrades!

DC Solid State Reverser (DRV-Series)

NEW! Minature DC-Solid State Reverser is now more rugged and reliable than ever!

   DRVS-Series solid-state relays and contactors reverse the polarity of DC loads (i.e. motors, actuators, and cathodes/anodes) with an internal H-Bridge. Minature DRVS-Series model is housed in an industry-standard  "hockey puck" 1.8x2.3" enclosure. Despite its small form factor, it can traverse loads up to 200VDC and 80A.

    The latest miniature DRVS-Series has been redesigned from the ground up, featuring improvements in multiple aspects, including chipsets, constructions, & soft-start/stop technology.

    Traversing inductive load is one of the most challenging applications for solid-state relays. Back EMF at turn-off will result in a high energy transient through the SSR, possibly causing damage if its magnitude or duration is too high. As a result, it is not uncommon for a SSR to require 5-8x current derating for switching inductive loads(i.e. a 10A motor requires a DC reversing SSR to be rated 50A). However, with soft-stop protocol, Miniature DRVS-Series reversers only need as little as 2x current de-ratings. You can learn more about soft-stop here. 

     Miniature DC Solid-state reversers do not currently support PWM control. Contact us for advanced PWM models. Models currently available are as follows:

  1. 40VDC / 50A(continuous) / 200A(150ms) 
  2. 40VDC / 80A(continuous) / 250A(150ms)