New 2,000V, 60Amp, DC Solid State Contactor for 1,500V Solar PV Systems



    We are pleased to introduce a new specification for our Mach-1™ DC output solid-state contactors.  M1DS20-60A, rated 2000VDC & 60Amps, is the latest solid-state alternatives to DC electromechanical contactors designed in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-3 and utilized for category DC-PV2 or DC-21A.


     M1DS20-60A uses industry's latest silicon carbide transistor technology, enabling an ON resistance of <30mΩ; this cuts power loss by more than half of what's otherwise possible with traditional IGBT transistor technology. Most importantly, M1DS20-60A solid-state contactor does not wear, does not arc, and is designed for >3,000,000 maintenance-free, electrical cycles.


     We are now seeking potential projects associated with high-voltage solar PV arrays. Currently, a limited quantity of model is available for evaluations. Please get in touch with us with the following information:

  1. Nominal operating current
  2. Control voltage preference (4-11, 12-24, or 30-75 VDC)
  3. Any other requirements surrounding performance, certifications, and production quantities