NGen Collaboration Opportunity for the Development of High Current DC Systems

We are proud to be a part of Canada's NGen (Next Generation Manufacturing Technology) Constellation. NGen is a not-for-profit program sponsored by the government of Canada. It aims at funding collaboration projects between the suppliers, and adopters of next generation manufacturing technologies.

On the Ngen project pitch day, we introduced our latest innovation for the automation industry, MAXQ™ high current dc output solid state relays. For the first time, high current electromechanical or electromagnet DC contactors can be retrofitted with solid state relays effectively improving life span and switching speed by 100-1000x. The end result is significant manufacturing cost and downtime reduction.

Currently we are seeking potential collaboration in the development of new high current DC systems such as solar power generation, wind turbine control, energy storage, electric vehicle systems, factory automation upgrades and more.

Our NGen technology showcase slides can be viewed here. Our full 3 minute pitch presentation can be viewed here.