Nomibot Meets Audience at ETC2021 Tradeshow!

Nominal Control's exhibited for the first time at Electricity Transformation Canada 2021, and here is a recap of the 3 days event!

First, a big thank you to the ETC team for having us at Canada's first-ever conference and exhibition devoted to electricity transformation, such a special and integral event! The push for a cleaner energy grid is imperative for a sustainable future in Canada. With this unifying goal and the collective effort to make this ambition a more attainable reality, exhibitors from all across Canada came to showcase their latest technologies. We met with many innovators in wind energy, solar energy, battery storage and complementary technologies and services. 

Nominal Controls had the opportunity to introduce our pioneering technology, surpassing the industry's expectation of what was thought to be possible with solid-state switching technology. We pushed the envelope with our cutting-edge tech by demonstrating the advanced capabilities of our switches. Those who visited our booth met our very first robot, Nomibot, powered by a 75VDC/200A SSR, DRVA007A-200A, from our latest DC Reverser series. Nomibot's motor drive uses a single solid-state switch that controls both the speed and direction of its motors, combining the function of a DC reverser and a motor controller, all with one small but powerful switch!

We were able to investigate the possible uses with the new capabilities we are offering via DC Reverser, DRV-series, alongside solid-state DC Contactor Mach-1™ series and Max-Q™ series for switching DC up to 6kV and 3kA. The ETC tradeshow facilitated a very collaborative environment for valuable discussions exploring the adaptation of solid-state technology in wind and solar energy and energy storage. We discovered limitations with existing technologies and considered possible solutions to bridge the gap between today's capabilities and tomorrow's possibilities. It was an amazing time delving into the vast knowledge of this growing industry, learning, connecting, and collaborating with fellow Canadian innovators.

Thank you to all who visited our booth at Electricity Transformation Canada 2021. A special thanks to Siemens-Gamesa and Honeywell-Xtralis for your kind networking opportunities. We look forward to meeting you all again next time!