Nominal Controls Assists Arctic Climate Research

This year a team of scientists conducted research in Norway's Arctic circle in a race against time to understand the impact of climate change. During their expedition on the Holtedahlfonna icefield, just 70 kilometers from Ny-Aalesund, researchers were taken aback. They unexpected discovered a massive water pool at just 25 meters below surface where they are not anticipated for at least another 100 meters. This serves as a stark testament to the effects of climate change.

The Arctic's harsh environment poses unique challenges to electrical equipment as it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach -40ºC (-40ºF) or even lower. The cyclical freezing and thawing can compromise moving parts, leading them to degrade, stick, or fail altogether. Given such extreme circumstances and the site's remote nature, the reliability of equipment becomes critical.


Our Commitment: Unwavering Support in Unyielding Conditions

We, at Nominal Controls, are proud to have supplied the solid-state contactors that operated the equipment used in these expeditions.

Every device we craft is the culmination of years of extensive R&D, testing and refinements in order to ensure maximum performance and reliability. We understand the importance of the application being undertaken in Arctic environments and recognize the urgency of the mission. That's why we commit to maintaining the highest quality standards, ensuring our components can withstand the harshest Arctic conditions.

Our collaboration with scientists doesn't end with just providing the parts; we continuously engage with them, gaining feedback to further innovate our designs. Their insights from the field are invaluable, guiding our engineering teams to push the boundaries and create tools best suited for the Arctic environment.