Nominal Controls Releases Mach-1™ DC Solid State Contactors


Waterloo, ON. May 1st, 2021 - Nominal Controls Inc. is excited to announce the release of our new Mach-1™ DC Contactors. As a Canadian manufacturer of leading pressure sensing and power control technologies, this release extends our DC solid state switching capability to the 100 to 400 ADC range. 

Mach-1™ DC contactors incorporate the latest semiconductor technology in an industry-standard panel mount solid state relay package. They can handle high current, high voltage, and high frequency applications operating at up to 400A nominal (1200A inrush), 1500 VDC, and 10 kHz. The development of this innovation is made possible through collaborations with the Accelerator Centre and Communitech” says Peter Zhang, our manager and product officer, “we look forward to helping customers build the next state-of-the-art systems.” 

Mach-1™ DC solid state contactors enable new feasibility with:

  • Retrofitting higher voltage electro-mechanical contactors
  • Interrupting current in <20μs for down-line protection
  • Fine-tuning DC power with PWM up to 10kHz
  • Supporting direct CMOS/TTL inputs from computers, Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices 

 Features and benefits of Mach-1TM DC solid state contactors include:

  • No moving parts; arc-free and noise-free 
  • MTBF >3million hours, or 50-300 million cycles 
  • DC controlled with diagnostic LED indicator
  • Optional NC/NO auxiliary output for advanced models
  • Patent pending high-reliability construction
  • Made in Canada. Semiconductors from the USA

 Sample applications:

  • General industrial process controls
  • DC motor starter & power control
  • Electric vehicle systems
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Battery charge/discharge applications 
  • BMS protection 
  • DC welding

For additional information about the new Mach-1TM Series of DC output solid state relays or contactors, visit our website at or search under “Contactors (Solid State)” on Digikey.


About Nominal Controls, 

Nominal Controls Inc. is a Canadian-based manufacturer of measurement and power control technologies. Our mission has always been to develop unconventional, cutting-edge breakthroughs that benefit entire industries. Our products have been tried by top academic and research institutions, and have proven successful in automotive, aerospace, automation, as well as energy applications.