Release Notes RN2301A (Jan-2023)

Release Notes- RN2301A

To ensure that our products continues to offer the optimal performance and the highest industry standards for our customers, we have implemented the following enhancements as of Jan, 2023.

Mach-1® Series DC Solid-State Contactors:

  • Stability improvements relating to control signal processing for models with high speed PWM capability.
  • New compatibility with latest Silicon Carbide semiconductor technology.

DRV- Series DC Solid-state Motor Reversers:

  • Default interlock timer set to 200ms from 100ms to lessen stress during DC injection plugging operation.
  • New DC reversers rated 100VDC and 200VDC, with rated current up to 200A, providing greater flexibility in selection.
  • Overall stability improvements
  • Older models of the solid-state DC motor reversing relays have been replaced by new enhanced models. The obsolete part numbers include: FR-D1080M, FR-D10200M, DRVS01-50A4, DRVS02-80A4. Some of these models may still be available for purchase. Contact us for More Details.