NEW! DC Motor Reversing Solid State Contactors (DRV-Series)

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              Waterloo, ON –  Nominal Controls Inc. announces a new line of DC output solid state relays, DRV- Series, for the polarity-reversing of DC loads such as motors, actuators, cathodes/anodes and more.

              Rated up to 200VDC/200A (continuous), DRV-Series SSR may be used in place of traditional mechanical reversers and motor controllers. For higher power loads, DRV-Series assemblies can support up to 1000VDC/450A (continuous). Furthermore, with PWM rated up to 10kHz, DRV- Series solid state relays and assemblies will also support soft-start, soft-stop and power control.

              DRV-Series DC reversing solid state relays and assemblies both features an H-bridge construction. The internal diode bridge provides a natural discharge path for back-EMF generated at inductive load’s turn-OFF. This directly results in a switch that does not arc, wear or make noise.

              DRV-Series SSR rated up to 200VDC and 200A may be ordered directly online here. For DRV-Series assemblies that switch >200A, please contact us.