MAXQ™ Series (Rated 400 ADC+)

Examples of MAXQ Series DC Solid State Contactors


 Enabling New DC Switching Possibilities

Originally developed to retrofit mechanical contactors in a renowned electric car factory, the MAXQ™ was designed to significantly cut downtime and maintenance costs. By drawing the maximum performance out of semiconductors, the MAXQ™ now supports a wide range of applications such as renewable energy, automotive, automation, scientific research, and defense.


Available Models
 Fast Model
Retrofits Mechanical Contactors For DC Switching up to 10k Hz
Rated up to 3600A, 3000VDC ​Rated up to 3600A, 3000VDC
3-11V or 12-32 control input
3-32V Control Input (CMOS/TTL/Logic)
Switches up to 20 Hz
PWM up to 10 KHz
Normally Open Normally Open or Normally Closed
Optional Auxiliary Contacts
Requires 12-24VDC Power Supply