Mini DRV-Series DC Reversing SSR, Benchmarking

    We designed DRVS-Series Minature DC solid-state reversers with performance and reliability in mind. For this purpose, we benchmarked against the industry's leading brand's with part# DP4R60D60. As a result of our tests, it was concluded that Miniture DRVS-Series offers similar, if not better, performance. The following table compares the general performance parameters of the two 60A rated DC motor reversers.

Parameters Miniature DRVS Series vs DP4R Series
     The test setup involves both DC motor reversing SSRs operating a 50A load for approximately 30minutes under the same ambient temperature conditions. Both were provided with the exact same 0.5°C/W heatsink for cooling.
50A load DC solid-state reverser setup
     After 30minutes, thermal images of both SSRs are recorded and compared.
Solid State Relay Thermal Images
     The final result revealed that DRVS-Series operated at 15°C cooler overall. This was mainly due to lower overall power loss and thermal designs. It should be noted that DRV-Series achieved a lower operating temperatures despite having a smaller thermal transfer area. 
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