Nominal Control’s FR-D Product Line Becomes the Upgraded DRV-Series

The previous Forward and Reversing Solid State Relay units (FR-Series) are now referred to as DC Reversing SSRs, the DRV-Series.

Rated up to 200VDC, 400A(continuous), 5kHz, the DRV-Series is one of the industry's most powerful devices for switching polarities of DC loads. The line’s current rating is now based on a more realistic terminal limit, at a baseplate temperature of 100°C as opposed to 25°C. These improvements reflect our constant pursuit in pushing the limits of DC switching!

To ensure correct product selection during this transition, see the reference chart below to compare the old part number of the FR-D series to the updated part numbers of the DR-V series.

Old Part No.

New Part No.










Visit the website, under DC Reversing SSR, for a full detailed product description, sample applications and to browse available product capability options. Be sure to refer to the selection guidelines to verify correct product selection for your application requirements or get in touch with a team member by filling out the survey provided on the product page to discuss recommendations and custom requirements.