• Nominal Controls Assists Arctic Climate Research

    This year a team of scientists conducted research in Norway's Arctic circle in a race against time to understand the impact of climate change.The Arctic's harsh environment poses unique challenges to electrical equipment as it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach -40ºC (-40ºF) or even lower. We, at Nominal Controls, are proud to have supplied the solid-state contactors that operated the equipment used in these expeditions. We commit to maintaining the highest quality standards, ensuring our components can withstand the harshest Arctic conditions. Our collaboration with scientists doesn't end with just providing the parts; we continuously engage with them, gaining feedback to further innovate our designs.
  • Best Wishes for This Holiday Season!

    To all our existing customers, thank you for your trust and confidence in our products. We seek to continue delivering the best quality products with the latest technological advancements. To our prospective customers with system developments still underway. We look forward to working with you throughout prototyping and production next year.

    This year's Honorable Mentions:

    • Airbus SAS (most challenging)
    • Tesla Gigafactory (most varieties)
    • Clearflame Engine Technologies (most royal)
    • Soncni Sistemi (furthermost customer)
  • Mach-1® Series Solid-state Contactor Receives Patent & Trademark

    We are pleased to announce that our Mach-1® Series of DC solid-state contactors recently received both patent and trademark certificates. The design of the Mach-1® DC Contactor was first conceptualized in 2019. Its goal was to achieve much higher power density, much higher robustness & reliability. The trademark was registered under Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada. Its patent has been registered both domestically and internationally.