• Nominal Controls Assists Arctic Climate Research

    This year a team of scientists conducted research in Norway's Arctic circle in a race against time to understand the impact of climate change.The Arctic's harsh environment poses unique challenges to electrical equipment as it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach -40ºC (-40ºF) or even lower. We, at Nominal Controls, are proud to have supplied the solid-state contactors that operated the equipment used in these expeditions. We commit to maintaining the highest quality standards, ensuring our components can withstand the harshest Arctic conditions. Our collaboration with scientists doesn't end with just providing the parts; we continuously engage with them, gaining feedback to further innovate our designs.
  • Mini DRV-Series DC Reversing SSR, Benchmarking

    DRVS-Series Minature DC reversing SSRs are designed with performance, and reliability in mind. For this purpose, we benchmark tested against industry's leading DP4R-Series. The setup involved both solid-state DC motor reversers operating a 50A load for approximately 30minutes under the same ambient temperature and cooling conditions. The final result revealed that DRVS-Series operated at 15°C cooler overall, while taking less than half the space.
  • Miniature DC Solid-State Reverser Relay Upgrades!

    DRVS-Series solid-state relays and contactors reverse the polarity of DC loads (i.e. motors, actuators, and cathodes/anodes) with an internal H-Bridge. Minature DRVS-Series model is housed in an industry-standard  "hockey puck" 1.8x2.3" enclosure. Despite its small form factor, it can traverse loads up to 200VDC and 80A. The latest miniature DRVS-Series has been redesigned from the ground up, featuring improvements in multiple aspects, including chipsets, constructions, & soft-start/stop technology.

    1. Important Information on Using Solid State Contactors and Relays

      To ensure safe and reliable applications when using any of our DC solid state relays and ccontactors, there are 8 important facts to be mindful of. Keep in mind different manufacturers may specify SSR’s ratings differently. For example, some manufacturers may specify current ratings based on transistors’ performance at 25°C. Other manufactures may specify ratings without any de-rating considerations; in both cases the rated performance cannot be practically achieved. MAXQ™/Mach1™ SSR specifications are based on a more realistic approach, which is when the device is operating continuously with a baseplate temperature near 100°C....

    2. Product Demonstration, AC Load 9 kHz High Frequency PWM

      A demonstration of our latest solid-state relay model capable of PWM AC loads at up to 20kHz.The result is an ultra-fine power control resolution 1...